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Utec Ultraloq Fingerprint and Touchscreen Lever Door Lock

Technology is now constant within our daily lives, from using smart phones and smart televisions, to Apple’s Siri and virtual reality. So, it was no surprise when I was asked to fit a smart lock for a customer, created by an American start-up company, named U-Tec. After examining the company and their locks, I confirmed to

go-ahead for the installation of this new lock. The customer’s door was previously equipped with a traditionally night latch, so to make way for the new smart lock, I removed the night latch and retrofitted the new smart lock, efficiently using the existing holes as my starting point. My first initial response was a strong impression of how easy the smart lock was to install, and the high-quality. The back plate was strong with the fixing bolts going through the plate, through the door, and surpassing the latch onto the front control panel. For ease and assistance, the tubular latch had an adjustable cam centre, allowing movement of 5mm to the left or right. Further, there is a small wire to thread though the door to the battery pack on the inside. With the smart lock’s ability to communicate with your personal smart phone, the customer expressed their excitement and asked if they could finish the digital instillation on their own. Therefore, further showing the ease of installation of the smart lock device. If U-Tec’s smart look has peaked your interested, and you want to find out more, visit their website below for more details.

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