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Upvc Broken Lock​


Locks can fail for any number of reasons


You get home from a fun day out, you put your key in the door

but find it's not unlocking.

Panic sets in.. 


You admit to yourself that it's been a bit dodgy

lately but normally someone is home.


This is a scenario we see almost every day


So what could have gone wrong?



Multi-Point Locking Mechanisms.


These are normally found on Upvc or Composite doors and use the handle to engage Rollers and Hooks/Bolts into the keeps on the frame.


The most common course of Failure on a multi-point lock is a poor lineup of the door. Over time a door can drop from the hinges making it harder to engage the points.

This puts a strain on the gearbox every time you force the handles up.


Eventually the Mechanisum will break from the force, leaving the Multi-Points stuck in the locked position. 


How could you avoid this from happening?


If you start to feel that you are putting any pressure on the handles try this simple test. With the door open lift the handles and turn the key to lock. If this works with no pressure on the handles then you have a lineup problem and should give us a call on 07769312235 before any damage is done.







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