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Wooden Door Broken Lock


Locks can fail for any number of reasons


The back door has been getting harder to lock and on this occasion

, you have managed to lock it but now the key is stuck.


Another common problem this time it's a Mortice deadbolt. ( Also

known as the CHUBB lock)


I have customers that have used Cooking oil YES Cooking oil to 

oil their lock. This is not a good idea as the oil will attract dust and

stick to the leavers. Eventually, the levers will stick together

jamming the key.

If you do need to use oil use a good quality spray oil with ptfe.


But thats not always the case . This Lock ( See Picture) had a wasp nest inside.


Other common causes for a Mortice lock failure can be badly cut keys or copys of copys, or

line-up of the keeps.  



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