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Wooden Door Broken Lock


Locks can fail for any number of reasons


Just back from work looking forward to putting your feet up. 

Shopping in one hand keys in the other. But the key just keeps


or won't spin all the way.


These are common complaints about Rim Cylinders

( Also known as YALE

Locks) and Nightlatch's. 


This is a scenario we see almost every day


So what could have gone wrong?




These are normally found wooden doors and use the key to pull back on the Letch

(Warning this type of latch is not any good as the main lock, You will need a deadlocking Nightlatch if used as the main lock)


Nightlatch's are prone to wearing out, But on whole last for many years.

The Snib Button can work loose and drop when the door slammed shut, This means the key will not work the cylinder leaving you Locked out.


Using the snib to stop the door closing is also a no no.

A lot of Nightlatch call outs are due to the wind catching the door and slamming against the latch and damaging the latch. 


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Night Latch Locksmith in Letchworth
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