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How to lock your Upvc or Composite door


There are hundreds of different locking mechanism’s that work in many different ways

Here I will cover the 3 most common types:

 Split spindle 

The split spindle mechanisms are the biggest cause of lockouts.

When the door is closed the latch will not open from the outside with the handle and needs the key to open the latch again locking you out if you don’t have your keys.

 Tip 1. On some mechanisms you will find a snib. This can be on the inside handle or on the edge of the door (sometimes it’s a black plastic strip or a switch near the latch) Push down the inside handle so the latch is retracted and use the snib this will hold the latch back if your popping out to the bins or the garden.

 Tip 2. Just because you can’t open the door from the outside it does not mean it’s locked. To ensure your door is locked after closing lift the handle so the multipoint hooks or bolts engage with the keeps then use the key to lock the points . The door is now locked.

 Tip 3. If you have to push the handle hard up to make the lock engage then there is a problem with the line-up of the keeps with the locking mechanism. Call a locksmith to adjust the door or mechanism. 

The gearboxes are very delicate and in time you will damage the mechanism costing more money to fix than adjusting 

 2. Single spindle

Unlike the Split spindle this mechanism won’t lock you out

You can use the door handles from outside to open the latch

Again you need to lift the handle to lock the points into the gates 

 Tip 4. Keep your door clean and wipe with light 3-in-1 type oil on a cloth down the whole mechanism to stop a build-up of grime.

 Tip 5. Always carry a rear door key with you .I mentioned before that the gearbox in these mechanisms are delicate and can stop working without notice. If you carry a backdoor you have an alternative way into you home

3. Fastlock

Not the most common but I will see them a few times a year.

These mechanisms unlike the above will fully lock when the handle is pushed up with no need for the key to lock. You will need to use the key to open the mechanism every time the handle is lifted.

Tip 6. Make sure the cylinder (where you put you key) is not sticking out from the handle by more than 3mm. If so then you have a wrong fitting cylinder and are open for attack using a method well known by burglars.

How to lock your wooden doors



Wooden doors normally have 2 types of lock

The Rim cylinder and Mortise lock
Standard Rim cylinders work as a latch. But unless it has a British standard kite mark then these locks are easily bypassed and not covered by your home insurance.

Mortise / Sash Lock are mounted inside the edge of door. For insurance purposes they must comply with B/S 3621 and show the kite mark. If not or you’re not sure then call me.

Tip 7. To double lock your rim cylinder turn the key the opposite way. It should make 1 rotation. If you can’t double lock call a locksmith to look at the lock. In some cases the lock has been fitted wrong and can be fitted so it can be double locked.

Tip 8. You upgrade your phone every year but have you upgraded your locks. Today’s technology also includes Smart locks that know when they are being attacked and go into lockdown they also break to stop lock-snapping (a technique used by burglars)

How to lock your gates and sheds

Protect not only your garden but stop access to the rear of your house.

There are many different ways to add locks to your garden gates call me for a free quote and find what lock suits your gate.

Sheds are most commonly broken into so to make sure you keep tools and other valuable items locked away.

Tip 9. Fit curtains across shed windows to stop temptation.

 Tip 10. Use gravel on driveways and footpaths the sound will alert you if walked across.

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